The Lands Band formerly The Warrior Gospel Band features:
Dr. Sterling Lands II:  Lead Guitar, Vocalist, manager
Kristoffer S. Lands:  Bass Guitar, Vocalist
Talib R. S. Lands:  Drums, Vocalist
Richard S. Lands:  Saxophone, Vocalist
Hillel K S Lands: Saxophone, Drums, Vocalist
Larry R. Lands: Guitarist, Vocalist

The Lands Band formerly The Warrior Gospel Band is the custodian of a vocal tradition that dates back to Pre-Civil War years, where Slaves escaped the torment of the cruelty of slavery through Spiritual songs and celebration. It is a tradition that transcends Jim Crow, black codes, segregation and discrimination.  The Warrior Gospel Band sings and plays Gospel.  At their best, their singing pulses with a fervor that far surpasses secular concerts.  Their down home music style reflects a facility and fervor that recalls the great Gospel groups of the past and the spirit of a people who refuse to be broken or embittered.  Their chordal patterns and powerful rhythm lifts the spirits of all who are blessed to hear them.

The Lands Band is available for house concert, Church concert, auditorium concert, festivals and private performances.